Saturday, 25 September 2021 13:36

Joe Biden, truly! An utter disgrace!

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The more I see of this man - and his antics Joe Biden, the more I think I'm a fool to think what I initially did i.e .that Joe was a nice guy, albeit unqualified to be President - big time for reasons stated many times. 

Like L (we'll call him that) - a great Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) customer once stated, thats an image the media has given him. 

And he's right! (i.e. L).

Now, I've dealt with this type all my life - idiots that dont do the thing, yell like banshees, give you guilt trips but when confronted with HARD FACTS claim "Rahul is arguing illogically" - or dont reply at all - because they HAVE no reply. 

And of course, anytime YOU give them a logical reply, they start yelling like idiots and banshees "as if that will intimidate the other person" or get them to do their bidding. 

Ultimately, it never has for me, and it never will. 

But this latest Biden claim where he basically tears apart Federal Border Patrol in Texas ... jusrt unbelievable, and even more of a disgrace than his usual statements. 

Apparently some joker made the claim that "they are running us over with horses" or some BS, and the media was more than happy to slap together some (most likely doctored) images of border patrol "gherraoing" Haitians back into the river, presumably sending them back to the Mexican side. 

First thing you know, if you listen to the fine men ON THE GROUND - I'd rather to listen to a cop over a politician anyday, and the same for these Border Patrol Agents, doing a tough job, getting very little support out there, trying to keep their country SAFE!

ie. No-one "ran" anyone over with horses, not one single person in the thousands of deported illegal migrants!

Really, why would any country want illegal aliens willy nilly creating problems unless it's France??

Dont get me wrong - whats happening in Haiti is sad, but there is no reason the U.S.A should be forced to take in people from anywhere - ultimately, life's tough, people need to fix their own problems!

Bottom line. 

Every country wants LEGAL migrants. 

NO-ONE wants illegal migrants though - especially during raging "plague from China" times, record unemployment, social security stretched to the brink and so forth - except of course joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both making ludicrious statements against their own agents!

Apparently Sleepy Joe claims "there will be consequences", and Harris mumbled and cackled a few words to that extent too. 

Yet, NOTHING - and NOONE - is saying anything about the fact these people are illegal, and shouldn't be at the border that way in the first place!

If they did that in acountry like China or North Korea, guess what would happen. 

Doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess eh. 

Yet, when people in the US try to protect their own borders, apparently thats not kosher and "they're obligated to take us in" mentality comes in. 

Just why, may I ask?

can someone give me one good reason? 

Legally, hell yeah. 

Illegally - just why? 

And as for the horses thing, horses are used by security forces in general globally. 

Royal Canadian "mounted police" I believe. 

They have 'em in the UK too. 

I believe even New York officers use horses to an extent when required (crowd control etc). 

Simply being on horseback doesnt mean they're using that as a weapon!

Comparisons are already being made to the slavery era - utter BS to me from where I stand, and I ain't even Border Patrol. 

I think Texas should do what Governor Abbott once said i.e. build a wall on the border THEMSELVES. 

Since apparently Biden and company could care less... 

Truly, this admin is by far the worst ever, makes the Obama admin looks positively STELLAR by comparison, I dont ever recall Obama ever tearing his own people apart like this. 

Just pathetic, Joe, just pathetic. 

I'll wait for the challenge to do pushups - or the idiotic laugh he makes so often before his infantile threats. 

If there ever was a man not fit to be Prez... ! 

Anyway, horses are fine, fine animals my friend. 

There is a reason stallions are mentioned on the Barnstormer Shoulders page!

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Rahul Mookerjee

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