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Dont let them WEAR YOU DOWN!

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There are few stories, and few people that MOVE me as much as Herschel Walker, giant of the NFL does, my friend. 

Truly a giant in all ways, and I focus more on his LIFE in my writings etc, because the physical only happened because Walker learned either himself or in the school of hard knocks, or both that the MENTAL is what counts. 

Walker didnt develop the personality disorders he's written about "just for the heck of it". 

Unlike Glyn Bozo, who ... but anyway, Walker was bullied to an extreme, had it TOUGH GROWING UP - and knows a thing or two about tough times and racism!

Guys like him, and David Goggins - now these are the real heroes, REAL MEN - that have dealt with real racism. 

I have too, but like I said in the last email, its always ultimately rolled off me like water off a duck's back (much like with the Trumpinator, hehe, whose dealt with plenty of that himself most likely). 

But Goggins, Walker, these guys - they have ALL Dealt with it in more brutal and powerful manners. 

Believe me, it can wear you down - when you're a Navy Seal, and you get it thrown at you all the time for one - Goggins. 

And it did me when Glyn Bozo, a supposed friend at the time I did so much to help - just turned around and viciously attacked me with his racist stuff - beyond horrible, the thinking. 

Now, I waited for years black Mamba style to get my revenge, and it , believe it or not has just started. 

But for the most part, even after I started speaking to Charles the mutual friend who I had ignored until then ... I couldn't understand, even with all my experience in this, how people could think that way about each other. 

After all I have said about race not mattering, the MIND and the PERSON, and so forth ... 

After all the support I gave Glyn Bozo for one, repeatedly giving him a long leash "because he's ultimately a nice guy" (I was so wrong) ... 

But Charles, I've often wondered, why he never told me about it - or spoke up against it. 

Glyn Bozo of course claims Charles was the guy that did it and pinned it on the Bozo. 

Charles did it? 

I still dont think so. 

He has many faults, so do I (more than him most likely, hehe) - but Charles doesn't seem to be the sort of racist person the Bozo is ... 

And he'd at least say it to me, I'd think. 

But he didnt exactly inform me about the stuff Bozo sent me either, and of course kept funneling money to Glyn for his mad capers. 

Ultimately, he learned the hard way that you can't trust a viper (Bozo). 

Black mambas do a fine job of fighting them though, and winning each time. 

Anyway ... Bozo is still ranting about "liposuction and asses". 

As my black friend in the UK chortled, "I wont even go there". 

Hehe. (Bozo was salivating about how his "ass looked while having sex" - dude's in the porn industry) ...

But believe me, it can wear you down. 

The racism, the taunts, all of it .. 

You have to be a special person to rise above it!

Matt Furey, another guy I greatly admire is a person like that. 

(there is a reason I give him CREDIT in the 0 Excuses Fitness System. No, he didnt create HIndu squats and pushups - he freely admits that. Neither did I. And I'm sure if you were to ask the Gama back in the day, he'd say the same!

But HE (Matt) was the one who FIRST brought it to the whole world, so he deserves credit for that!

Not to mention he' sjust so damn inspiring, I should have done what he did back inthe day, but then again, those were the cushy days for me. No worries, hehe. I learned all that perhaps so I now share it on the OTHER SITE if you get my drift. Hehe. China, you beauty - in more ways than one, hehe.) 

Grew up dirt poor, one of many kids (in Iowa I believe) - and made something of himself after years and years of hard knock STRUGGLES - REAL STRUGGLES. 

A true example of "color doesnt mean you're privieleged!" 

I highly admire Matt and have a deep respect for the man. 

No, I dont agree with all he's said about China in the past, specifically during the Obama admin, but given what the liberals were doing then, it was even loonier than China, but still, I didnt agree, but NOW? 

I dont know if Matt's tapped into the "headwinds" ahead of time as all great visionaries do gut wise. 

I've always done it!

But these days you won't hear him talking so much about China as he did in the past. 

He knows as well as you and I do that they did WRONG - have been doing WRONG, but much like I FINALLY took an interest in politics to a degree starting 2020, Matt knew that was the tipping point. 

He doesnt mention it anywhere, of course. 

Thats fine!

But ask him, I'll bet thats what he THINKS. 

Other greats like Ben Settle etc - another dude I greatly admire - and I DO agree with all he says - business and life wise (another one of those guys who for years didnt even have an apartment and bed to sleep in!) ... they'll all tell you one damn thing. 

Dont let it wear you down. 

Because once you give in, you're gone. 

Keep fighting, my friend. 

And if anything, that is the spirit that Battletank Shoulders, Pushup Central, and some of my other great books espouse. 

Fight - till the end. 

And you'll see why I keep saying it's all very worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee