Tuesday, 21 September 2021 14:44

Why the impending collapse of "Evergrande" is but a symptom of the wider disease in China ... (the FINANCIAL system)

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Eeerie, isn't it? 

I think it was September ... when was it, Sep 15, that Lehmann Brothers collapsed in 2008 leading to the end of the merry old "freewheeling days" for many globally? 

That was coincidentally, or around that date, when the lawyers cheated me in an infamous - by now - court case!

That same day, actually. Hehe. 

I remember coming back home in 2008, and Dad asking me "have you heard the news"? 

I hadn't. 

Then I got it. 

Lehmann Brothers had collapses, and of course, the domino effect was felt globally, in America too - but the ripple effects globally never quite went away. 

When the US sneezes, the rest of the world does indeed COUGH! - and how. 

Now, years later, 13 years later - China's most massive property developer is heading for collapse. 

I'm sure y'all have heard the stories on that one. 

Thing is, for those of us in China, this has been old news. Those that actuall yhave a brain and aren't Tom Tommming retards and Bozos that is. Or, brainwashed sheep and there are many of those. 

I've said it once, I'll say it again. 

China's rapid, breakneck growth didnt just happen because the rest of the world fueled it and slept on the threat - it happened because it's in many way s(their economy) all gloss and no glitter. 

Ghost towns, highways to nowhere, spanking new apartment buildings FLAT EMPTY ... it's all been going on for a while, even tne world's largest mall there was empty for a while! 

dont believe me? 

I've been there - to that mall. 

And I've said for a long time their 14 trillion economy is actually a lot smaller. 

Dont get me wrong, China still packs a mammoth punch economically - 9 trillion is a hell of a lot of money!

But it's still a lot smaller than made out to be - or looks on the surface, and economic disparity in China now is at all time highs. 

The discontent is bubbling - big time. 

And the thing no-one is talkign about? 

The US system suffered a nasty shock with Lehmann Brothers, yes. 

something no-one anticipated - yet, the underlying checks and balances and REAL FREEDOM - and capitalism that made the US what it is today - ensured that it came out of that crisis. 

If there is another crisis like that it will shake America no doubt. 

But the economy will ultimately weather it (albeit with a lot of pain). 


Not so likely, friend. 

One massive collapse like that - and the cat will truly be amongst the piegons.

(A massive, giant DEBT INFESTED bubble that has been GROWING like a cancer for YEARS) 

(And just look at what people in China on Weibo etc are saying about the company, and economy in general if you dont believe me!) 

I hate to say "I told you so", but brace for it - the end in that regard is nigh. 

Yes, to Tom Tom's who claim "no prizes for being right" - there might not be any 

But foresight saves many an ass... 

And the repercussions for being wrong, well, I'd rather be on the right side. 

This is an interesting one, coming as it does right smack on the heels of not just Mid Autumn mooncake festival in China, but  a massive, albeit COVID interrupted upcoming National Day holiday in China. 

And the Chinese govermnent, especially Xi in his Mao avatar is in no mood to bail these companies out either - its all going back to a Maoist era. 

Interesting times indeed, as for the fabled mooncakes? 

I dont know - I never quite liked 'em, and have been guilty of tossing many a cake in the trash because I was given them, but no-one wanted to take them back, so ... 

But hey, that CHinese lager, some of it is pretty damn good. Hehe. 

Give me a Stella any day though!

I'm out. 

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Rahul Mookerjee