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"He's such a loser, oh such a LOSERRRRR!"

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I love me some good slapstick comedy, my friend, and those of you that know my love for "PG Wodehouse" and his great "Jeeves/Wooster" books (though all his books were great, these are the best known!) know this. 

This extends to movies as well. 

And if we're talking Bollywood (I rarely watch Bolly, Holly, Molly, Or Tolly wood - Dolly wood? Now thats a different tale, hehe, getting woodies with "Dolly's" ... ah, wait, I'll leave that to Glyn, hehe. But, Dolly wood I believe it is in TN named after the lovely Dolly Pardon, I did go there once, liked it!) ... the Houseful series warrants a huge mention. 

I once wrote on Twitter that the much "me too" maligned (and it's all BS most likely) Sajid Khan I believe is a genius bar none. 

He truly understands two things -when you "sell" anything at a level 6-8 year olds find nigh hilarious, then things HAPPEN - movies become super hits - and sales BOOM. 

That sort of entertainment is what does it for all of us, takes us away from the real world, rum dum, and so forth ... 

And in the first installment of the movie, one of the male leads is a loser - prime loser. 

HE gets married after ages, woman leaves him for another man on his wedding night. 

Goes to a friends house, ends up in bed with his friend of all things ... 

Tries to clean the house, makes a royal mess of it. 

Doesn't sound too funny, does it? 

Nah - it don't - but SEE the movies, even without subtitles, you'll find it so hilarious your sides will ache while laughing. 

The last "Houseful 4" wasn't that great. 

But the first three, all hilarious capers, all themed on similar situations, and just I dont know, if you're into slapstick, a must watch!

Now, in #1, there was this background song that kept playing. 

"He's just a loser", the song went as the hero kept "failing". "Oh what a loser...!" 

In real life, dude's anything but a loser. 

One of the #1 Bollywood stars, I think ... 

But that song if anything reminds me of Glyn, on his insane rants since this morning apparently. 

And the most insane of them all? 

Apparently he's messaging chicks (Ada Wong being one) with this sort of thing. 

"Im so GLAD you won't have sex with me, or do anything with me!" 

"Madam, I want to feel CLOSE TO YOU!" 

And other such inane rants like he sent JOsie about "being her servant". (we covered that before, but what we didnt cover is he told her, or someone apparently "not to do house work so her hands would stay soft" or some, I mean really, this guy takes INSANITY to a new level altogether). 

Just reading these nonsensical texts, doesnt a weird vibe permeate? 

No wonder women block him left, right and center (and the opposite with your truly). 

Hey, even if you gotta be a cuck and simp, do it right - Bozo fails to get even that right. 

And I fail to understand, something even the simpiest of all simps would do i.e. take some if it's offered on a platter (albeit from fat 60 plus year old women he's chasing apparently) ... not so for the Bozo who prefers "mouth in ass - male or female" - and hand to wanker. 

his own, at that. 

Apparently he prefers "vise like grip" as he keeps saying. 

No doubt he's drunk as usual. 

And we'll see what he does for this upcoming "Troll Anniversary" - an event unto itself we'll celebrate here with some gigantic goodies, more on that later!

But for now, really... what a LOSER this guy is!

And no doubt if he'd follow some of my tips in Zero to Hero, he'd at least PROGRESS along the path to becoming a "better loser" ... but then again, he's too lazy to do anything, so we'll leave that one be!

But truly, that book above WILL take you (the normal and sane person) from ZERO to HERO status if you DO what is told there. 

And that, friend, is that. 

Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System too while you're at it - truly the winner of all winners out there! 


Rahul Mookerjee