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Backup of backup - of backups!

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Lets start this one off on a slightly different, more direct tack than I often do. 

No story, no storytelling, no puns, nothing - just a direct question. 

Lets say (as an example) that pull-ups are your primary means of staying fit. 

One day, out of the blue you suffer a freak injury to your shoulder that makes it nigh IMPOSSIBLE to pull in the pulling position - and pretty damn tough to do most pushups. 

Or, most styles that really work. 

Remember, you've been counting on the pull-up primarily and handstand pushups, regular pushups etc as a backup - for upper body fitness and strength yes, but also cardio and FAT burning. 

You've been doing great. 

After the injury, which can last say ... a month at least to fully heal -now what? 

You do pushups alone. 

But you can only do so many. 

Then you figure, OK, no problem. I remember Rahul said in 0 Excuses Fitness that LEG training is where it's at. 

Train the legs and back, you train the entire body!

So you figure you'll climb hills - sprint 'em - except there is one problem. 

There are none nearby. 

You figure you'll use STAIRS. 

But in your little bitty town, there are neither towering skyscrapers nor any form of stairs. 

What do you do then? 

I could answer this for you, yes. 

But what I covered above is this - you had a backup - which failed. 

You had another one - for that backup - which you couldn't use. 

I think we went through three backups above, right - before coming to the unmentioned fourth. 

Now, what the 4th is isn't that important as remembering to BACKUP - everything - always - multiple times - in scores of locations - life wise, fitness wise, and "all" wise. 

I've been doing this instinctively ever since I can remember. 

It's  one of the central maxims any decent intelligence agency anywhere operates by in terms of training manuals. 

I.e. backup, backup, and MORE backups!

You can never have enough ...

Trust me, when it all starts going to hell, you'll often times need those backups, and then some. 

True, for me, I dont plan any of it consciously. It just happens that way. 

But do it consciously or not, have a solid backup system you must ... 

And thats something I give you with my fitness books. 

Each of the books is not just a fitness routine unto itself - the programs and workouts therein give you backups for damn near EVERY situation. 

And certainly all of the ones mentioned above and then some! 

True, they dont cover what to do in water or air - but we're not the Special Forces here, hehe. 

We're simply trying to get into and STAY in the best shape of your - our - lives - no? 

And again, ferocity of my routines aside (indeed, some of these types of routines are used by boxers, wrestlers, Special Forces and some of the most accomplished men in the world) - it's the VARIETY and "backup always available nature" which really makes them special - and stand out. 

As people have said, there truly are no other books out like this. 

And we're out in HARDCOVER NOW TOO!!!!

Truly going towards "collector's item" status with each step. 

And you'll want to start with getting the 0 Excuses Fitness System in any of it's avatars right HERE

Do so - now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P .S - Pushups for damn near every occasion and eventuality - Pushup Central ! (truly a MINDBLOWING course this one).

PS #2 - And lets face, it folks. Ebooks are great, and convenient, but the sight, smell and scent of a physical book (yes I said those last two words - hehe - I have this odd habit of "smelling" books when they come) ... and the FEEL. Nothing beats it!