Tuesday, 20 April 2021 10:24

My two favorite James Hadley Chase novels!

... That I'd highly recommend to YOU, my friend. 

Now, I dont know if you the reader is a James Hadley Chase fan, but I am. 

And much like all the other writers I sometimes recommend (with good reason, I might add), no, I dont get anything from mentioning Chase, or Napoleon Hill, or Claude Bristol, or.....

They're the greats!

Anyway, without further ado, two of my favorite Chase books - 

"Believe this, you'll believe anything!

And "Consider yourself dead!" 

I think I've mentioned both before - yes, I have, on the other site. 

But briefly, the SECOND one is the one I'd choose if I really, really had to choose my friend. 

The first one is a prime example on ...well, women and their "follibles" if thats even a word. 

And if you're eagerly waiting for the book on Nazi feminism which a lot of you are, you might do worse than read what "Vidal", the "ape like tycoon" in the book says about women, when he does, and how he does. 

When she's complaining about some inane stuff, he ignores her. 

When she's ranting about "illness", he tells her she needs to spend more time exercising. 

And while the soft sop Clay Burden does his best to be a "cuck" and put up with all this, eventually he realizes he's been played for a FOOL. 

A prime sucker!

The story of course is something else. 

But the book is a great read even if you're just interested in women in general, hehe. 

And the second? 

It's even more brutal!


The Italian tycoon who'd do anyting for his daughter, even one that is mentally sick in certain regards. 

And Frost, the tough ex army, ex cop ... six feet something lean and mean machine who does NOT scare no matter what. 

Lu Silk, the hired gun ... 

It's a classic - but for me, the way Grandi goes out of his way to do ANYTHING for his daughter, his PRincess, his little girl - that resonats with me!

Big time. 

Anyway, James Hadley Chase wrote books with tough men, beautiful women, flashy cars, lots of booze and cigars, fist fights, murders and more. 

Those were different times. 

Not sissified times like now. 

Those were times when men were REAL MEN and women were real women as opposed to the parody of either they've become now (I mean either!). 

And it was a "get tough or else" time. 

My workouts, my friend, are a throwback to THAT era. 

Yes, you either love me or hate me. 

And my workouts are a throwback to that era. 

Brutal, down to earth, simple, and do they work? 

Heck yeah - and they'll make MONSTERS out of MEN if you let it!

And on that note, if there ever was a course like that - it is this - Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

I'm still feeling it, a good half hour or so after my shower!


Rahul Mookerjee