Saturday, 27 February 2021 09:29

The girl who told me "I will slap that boy who drink bottle in front of me!"

I once dated a chick who said exactly that. 

I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard it. 

But it did give me an indication of her temper, which of course attracted yours truly "hot tempered" (way more than I am NOW) to her back then. 

She ended up becoming ... well, my wife, and we all know the story there. 

She also drank vodka on the first date ,I believe or the second. 

I know I drank 5 bottles of Foster's beer that first date (after the movie and the shennanigans and "my own movie", hehe). 

And she became a die hard wine lover down the road and vodka lover too. 

Not quite as much as I drink, and not quite as much as Ann Lee loved BEER, but she can put away a fair bit, I believe ... 

But anyway, it's funny - I was talking last night about why Idont try to convince people. 

Well, I never tried to convince my wife of drinking, or that I'd stop when I got married, or none of that. 

I didnt even say I'd lop my long hair off. - that she did manage to get me to do, but it grew back open. 

I should say "grew back", but a gust of wind suddenly SHOOK the door I'm next to and it opened as if by :magic" and the Spirit. Truly strange and GREAT things happening today after that isometric workout!!

I'm going to go open it again soon, but for now? 

Really, that is why I have this list etc - for people that at least have an open mind internally. 

If you're willing to listen, then you might just benefit, and benefit way more than you have fitness wise in the past. 

Not to mention get in the best shape of your LIFE, my friend. 

Start right here if you so choose. 

And remember, if it's "I'd love to" - I dont want it. 

IF you come to me saying "YES, I WANT IT!" - then I want - YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee