Friday, 26 February 2021 14:47

Why I rarely, if EVER try and convince ANYONE of ANYTHING these days (usually NEVER)

This is an interesting one, my friend - or maybe not - and while I've been this way for most of my life, I'm being MORE this way as I "age" (if you can call it that, hehe). 

If you can call looking and feeling 10 years or more younger than I am - and in better shape than I ever was - "older" ... 

But anyway, I was deleting things out of my life today. And online. 

You'd be amazed at how much TRASH piles up without you even realizing it. 

So was the case with my WeShat - and I was deleting useless groups and junk off my list I didnt need - and people. 

In most cases, these people had deleted me without so much as a "ok, bye". 

I returned the favor, albeit with a silent thought of gratitude for the good they DID do in my lives when they were there, and to wish the best. 

Thoughts truly are things. 

Letting go truly DOES WORK!

In some rare cases I messaged the person again and asked "why". 

And in ALL these cases, my faith was vindicated - there was some reason they did it - not related to me. 

One being the usual "mistake" excuses. HA!

And two, the weShat limit of 5000 contacts. 

And there might be other reasons, I dont know - but these people added me back with an apology. 

Some folks are worth following up on so I do it. 

Vast majority? 

I delete without a thought (other than the one I mentioned above). 

Same thing for ridiculous groups I keep getting added to I do NOT want to be a part of. Cesspool of negativity are most WeShat groups, especially those with a ton of expats in there, all bored and drunk most of the time... 

Let go of what you don't want or doesn't fit your purposes any more - happily - and you'll be amzed how quickly what you DO want manifests!

anyway, where am I going with this? 


THIS, my friend, is the reason (and many have asked) why I dont try and "convince" people of the FACT that bodyweight is, always was, and always will be far superior to the ridiculous machines and routines at the Jim Shim. 

"Why do you mention what you do about price on the opening page"

One person asked me the above. 

Well, same reason Jose ... 

To keep the IDIOTS at bay. 

And more importantly, you wouldn't think so, but a LOT Of people that come to this site and sign up for this (and other site's) newsletters are already "convinced" that its their way or the highway, and other than "trying to prove the other person is wrong", they have no other purpose to be on the list. 

For these folks, I just hold the door wide open. 

If you're Balaams ass with heels firmly dug in, and NOT willing to keep an open mind (I said OPEN, not CHANGE) to anything, then, well, I can't make that horse drink. 

And, it also means what I have to offer is not for you. 

So, lose lose for us both. 

As for convincing, I can only do that if even a sliver of openness is present in said mind - and my books and products and RESULTS do all the convincing you'll ever need. 

Not to mention what former boobybuilders, current customers and the like say ... 

But if that mind is CLOSED - well - I could write several books on convincing alone - you could read 'em from top to bottom, sideways, upside down, and until the cows come home, and it ain't gonna do a damn bit of difference or good. 

Because ...well, the obvious. 

So thats why, my friend. 

And if you're still here after all that, and are willing to give some of the best damn fitness routines on the planet a SHOT - go here!


Rahul Mookerjee

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