Friday, 26 February 2021 08:42

Is there something that is "good" about "appearing to be too busy" and running around like a chicken with its head cut off?

I dont know, my friend. 

It befuddles the mind - at least mine! 

(I know, what do I know. Hehe. Yours truly sits at home and does nothing eh). 

But really, people EVERYWHERE seem to be taken this already inane "we're too busy" spiel to an extreme. 

You see it all the time. 

And most of the time, these "too busy" people are the ones making the LEAST money and getting the MOST frustrated, and when you call 'em out on it, of course, how dare you?! 

Is there something to be "proud" of to unconsciously ape the mannerisms of Korean Soap operas, for one, where everything is either a drama, yelling contest, or "Oh My GOOOOODDD! Oh, nooooooo!" 

Right down to the running around ... 

Sure, it irritates me to see people (on the rare occasion I'm THERE around 'em) do this. I try not to be around people who can barely even talk to you for a minute a day without checking their phones for the latest gossip or what not. 

I cannot STAND to be around people who refuse to accept the truism of "take a deep breath and let things FLOW". 

I cannot stand to be around FAKENESS. 

Because I keep getting the feeling that this business is (busy-ness) "manufactured". 

He who has nothing to do usually looks the busiest, my friend - and MORE TO THE POINT, doesnt shy about telling other people about it - or complaining about it. 

Don't get me wrong. 

It's great to be busy - truly busy. 

But if you're that busy you can't hold a conversation with ANYONE for even a minute or so without checking the dumbphone or gabbing on the phone then I suggest you do something ELSE with your life altogether (or take a long deep Look at it). 

Of course, how dare I. 

I'm just "the fitness guy". 


And on that note, you so called busy folk and REAL busy people - thats why I'm here. 

Fitness routines that get you in shape in FIVE minutes or less - or LESS THAN ONE minutes - I repeat, less than ONE - when you begin. 

Go here to learn all about 'em! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Once you're halfway or so through the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and have started to do good - pick this course up here too. It's the advanced version. True, you could do great with the basics all your life, but THAT course there is truly the JAGUAR in terms of fat burning and "belly shrinking workouts!". 

PS #2 - Quote of the day (and I just did some of this on WeShat) - "Let go of what you do NOT want - make a conscious decision to do so NOW - and watch the GREAT literally FLOW into your life so quickly it KNOCKS you over!" 

True dat, my brother. True DAT!