Friday, 26 February 2021 08:28

More on gratitude, GIVING, and why it makes things flow . . .

Often times, when I move out of my apartments in China, I leave things behind. 

I could probably sell them to make a few extra bucks - or more - for instance, the clothes dryer I left behind would probably be TAKEN as well if I tried "reselling it". 

Instead, the first thing I did was ask Miss Summer, a neighbor of mine. 

(who, incidentally was the one that offered me a monkey job at a pay WAY higher than what most people get offered at - yes, I did it for a while too!). 

She has two kids. 

So, I figured she'd need it, and I asked her - for those, and the other things I had lying around. 

She didnt want it, but it felt good to ask ... 

The only thing I sold before moving in where I am now is my old "mobile charger" - battery pack, actually - and that was only because someone WANTED it. 

Rest of my stuff, I still remember my landlady asking me  in a surprised manner. 

"You dont want any of this", she asked. 

"Nope. You use it, or the next person can!" I replied. 

Better than tossing it out in the trash!

Maybe one of the reasons life has always ultimately flowed for me is because I GIVE freely. 

When I left my apartment in New York, it was a like a garage sale we offered the neighbors. 

Lamps. Tables. Chairs. Everything we had, we pretty much either gave Salvation Army, or our neigbors. 

Except the beer, which our curiously enough Indian neighbor didnt want, hehe. 

"sad day", I remember my friend Rueben saying when a lot of BEAST ICE was tossed in the TRASH, hehe. (along with a set of pink dumbbells my then girlfriend had - security on the plane wouldbn't allow it, and I'm glad). 

She bitched up a storm about her pink dummies tho ... 

But anyway, this morning the door ... as I was doing handstands, 15 minutes ahead of time. 

I was doing a workout straight out of Battletank Shoulders, and was breathing HEAVY. 

150 squats out of the way, and I was really getting into my HSPU's... 

Yet, I knew it. 

Instantly jumped down. 

For months, I've been trying to give my old laptop and camera etc (amongst other things AWAY) but havent been able to find the right people. 

Yesterday I did. 

An organization that helps poor kids globally I believe (in schools and such). 

There were plenty of people that wanted it for a "low price" they'd pay me. 

I didnt give it to them. 

Yes, yours truly in THIS TIME when most are "scrambling to make ends meet" (so they believe) GAVE it away. 

Lots of old memories in the camcorder. 

Trips. My own graduation which pretty much only my ex filmed. And the trusty laptop - cannot say enough good things about it. It lasted eight years - more than what I can say for the crappy Asus I have now, which gave up within a year or so! (pretty much - China made - any surprises??). 

Toshiba is the BOMB. 


But anyway, I gave 'em away. 

Stood outside in the "garden". 

Wished it all away, and being the stuff all still works, I hope it can be USED by someone. 

I knew it the minute I saw the person. 

A smile makes a difference!

He showed up BANG on time - or 15 minutes ahead, which is fine, and GREAT. It's what I'd do. 

Eager, but NOT over eager. 

The minute I spoke to the guy who picked it up I KNEW it was the right decision - as I knew all day long yesterday - and yet more "weight" was lifted off me - my shoulders - though there was none on it at first!

Now, what does this have to do with YOU you might ask. 

Well, simple. 

We want, want, want - and thats not necessarily bad - but how many of us GIVE - with an open heart? 

Freely, of our time, wisdom, posessions, everything? 

Sure, if you're the Bozo reading this, it doesnt need to be taken to extremes. There is a limit to everything 

But in today's me, me, me world - it's good to take time to consider "them, them, them" SOMETIMES - if just to let the GOOD flow into "me" - and "my life". 

Trust me, the Laws of the Universe are inescapable my friend. 

And on that note, and in the flow, I'm off to RECOVER a bit. 

Back soon! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - One of the great things about the 0 Excuses Fitness System is it gets you in FLOW, and how. Watch me literally BLISSED AND BLESSED at the end of the workout - you'll feel it! 

(and follow along too!)

(the best you can). 

PS #2 - The ex I spoke about is no longer with us due to the China plague. Though we both moved on about decades ago, I knew she would APPROVE of what I did today - and I did it for more reasons than just ONE.