Sunday, 21 February 2021 14:59

My daughter, the raging Brahma Bull! A bonafide super STUDDETE, hehe.

Life's a trip eh. 

Thats some trippy ass shit, Holmes!

- Training Day ... 

And as I finish 25 pull-ups, I gotta tell you that ... 

... that as usual, and obvously I wasn't there, but my wife is hollering at my daughter (or so it would seem. How dare I ever say it, hehe). 

"You're acting like a bull!" she screams at her. 

(In Hindi, "sand" means bull, its pronouced "sa-uh-nd" and what she meant was acting "wild like a bull!"). 

I had to laugh, if I heard that right. 

I think I did.

It's funny. 

When I was young, I used to get bullied and hammered all the time, and when I dared to give some back, I used to get hammered at home. 

Now my daughter does it ... 

Except SHE is the "bull". 

I find it interesting how no-one ever talks about the guy that slapped her in full view of everyone - when yours truly was the only one that backed her publicly (in 2018). 

I find it intereting how its only her aggression they focus on, and the fact that its far better to POUND than be POUNDED. 

True, it's not good to turn into a bully, but she's not turning into a bully. 

She just dont take no shit, my friend. 

And amongst the other gems my wife told her, one was this. 

"So you know good English! So what! What will you do in the world with just English!" 

I didnt say much, or anything. 

How dare I. 

But really ... same inChina. 

When I tell the Chinese that outside China barely anyone speaks or cares to speak Mandarin (no, what the idiots scraping by in China tell you ain't reality) - they throw a hissy. 

Blow a valve. 

How dare you, they say. 


But it's true. 

I mean, if it's Spanish or French, I'd sort of get it ... 

But Hindi????????? 

Outside the subcontinent, NO-ONE, most of all INdians included speak it - ALL the INdians I know overseas seem to take a perverse pride in "showing off their English" and NOT speaking Hindi! 

Chinese are better in that they at least stick to "China is best, Chinese is best" and won't speak English even in America. The other extreme, hehe. 

But even Chinese, outside China, Japan etc - virtually no-one cares two hoots if you can speak it. 

English, my dear friend is indeed the lingua franca of the world and will remain that way for the forseeable future. 

Anyway, what I love? 

That while the idiots and Bozos (not my wife, but the real BOZOS) continue to get pissed at Shoulders like Boulders! - my little girl picks up on it somehow. 

That pesky old subconscious and it's power. It travels across miles and continents!! 

"Brahma bull!" is what I told her when she got pissed. "You should be proud Mom's calling you that". 

I can just feel the daggers in my back now. 

But it's true. 

Much like Charles Mitchell said about "Mr Handstand pushup" being a great name for me - think of this. 

A 7 year old girl doing what most GROWN MEN wimp out at just upon hearing it. 

Handstands, and getting called a BRAHMA BULL - a ragin one at that! 

And as I tell my daughter. 

End of the day, when it boils right down to it - it's far better to kick ass than BE kicked yourself, and thats just the bottom line, my friend 

Maybe I'm overprotective in that regard, Idont know. 

But Id rather that than turn into a mushy lardass (her, and me both). 

Anyway, if your kids are stuck at home and going bonkers - this course will help them blow some steam off ... 

And I'm out, having blown "mine" off. Hehe. 

(my steam!) 


Rahul Mookerje

PS - But I'm off to puff like a locomotive a bit more now - come join me!