Tuesday, 16 February 2021 06:23

Digital VS Paperback?

It's no secret that yours truly does EVERYTHING he can .... "awwwwnnnnlinnnnnnee" (as a family member once sarcastically remarked way back in 2003, i believe). 

That was back when India barely had any high speed Internet at all ... And the dial up didnt work too well!

And it would charge by the minute or something, I believe. 

Anyway, yours truly was from the US and he did everything online. He had a cable connection back "there" so obviously old habits die hard. 

And, the whole thing about me being a caveman and so forth... 

(which a lot of other people have called an "artificial lifestyle":, but hey, I'd rather that so called artificial than Shitter, Freak-o-book, Shacked-In and the other garbage out there). 

There is a reason those that get it say I THINK very clearly. 

The more you write, the more you think - and better. 

Anyway, we've gone over all that before. Ole Freddie, and that ... and back to online, YES, it's no secret I prefer digital downloads over just about any other format. 

Recently I bought an audio book, and while listening to voice can be great, I kept thinking - it would be so much FASTER if I could just read - assimiliate - absorb, and implement. 

The sheeple might disagree with me on that one, but you on this list well know my dislike for VIDEOS, audio notes and so forth - if it cannot be WRITTEN out, I ain't doing it. 

But anyway ... 


I love 'em. 

But I dont know why, every time I want to read something, I usually turn on the laptop. 

But I love paperbacks, and one of my goals - this one I WILL tell the "world" about, hehe, because it's not a secret is to get a massive, mammoth LIBRARY - filled with the books I love. 

And I doubt there will be any fiction in there. 

But anyway, more on SO's and why I do digital - digital eliminates the need to have anyone - significant others involved in one's business. 

And doing paperback with Amazon is a fairly reliable option. 

Not that Bezos and Sanchez - the "senorita" if I may say so are involved with yours truly personally, but I love Bezos - and you on this list know that as well! 

No more dealing with SO's that "take the money when it comes", but then barf when issues occur. 

Anyway, as I recently told someone I'm dealing with "bringing wives and signifiant others into business is generally a recipe for utter and total disaster - and CHAOS". 

And it's part of the reason - oh, another reason? 

I can sit at home ANYWHERE in the world, and still run my biz and make money. 

Lots of it at that. 

Truly a business I OWN! 

Can't say more than that, hehe. 

I'm out - back soon - in the meantime, remember PAPERBACKS are very much an option on the site, so you CAN order 'em - they'll be shipped out via Amazon to you within 2 weeks of reciept of monies (or or thereabouts). 

If you've been waiting on a purchase, the time to do it is NOW my friend. 

Do so - and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Which one of you would like to fill a library with my books? I know a couple of my customers would! 

PS #2 - Remember that thing about feeling grateful? I just paid some bills, and my first thought on looking at 'em? I'm glad I can pay 'em, and I'm glad for them to be here so I can PAY 'em! Same thing for YOU, my friend. When you buy a product, be glad you can BUY it - and remember, the Universe provides to EVERYONE provided you follow a few rules . . .