Saturday, 06 February 2021 07:27

Khota Sikka

My wife other than calling me Mr Handstand Pushup, once made the following comment about me with regard to THATJOB. 

"When he wants the JOB DONE - he calls you!" 

In other words, a money player. 

And hence the book ... 

But the words she used were Hindi. Not English. 

"Khota Sikka". 

And I never quite got around to asking her the English translation for the words, but the above was her import. 

I looked it up today, and it said "counterfeit currency". 

LOL. Maybe that was her meaning too in a way ... 

But really, I dont think so. What she meant was "in a crunch, a TRUE crisis, who do you call?" 

Not necessarily the guy that does the best "normally", or the so called VP of the company or what not. 


You call on the cranky 800 lb gorilla who delivers - with ONE BLOW. 

In other words, a money player. 

The guy who you never notice, diss as being useless etc, and constantly complain about but yet "just keep around because you never know someday". 

And then he produces that sheer brilliance in a CRUNCH situation. 

Trust me, it has happened on many an occasion to me!

ONe recent occasion was in October 2018, when I was literally put on the spot with NO plans at the time. 

And I had to make a choice either way (well I didnt "have to" - but I suppose I "wanted to have to" - and in a way I did HAVE TO - and I DID!) 

And guess what. 

Doors that I never thought would open for me - and the people who were EGGING me on tom ake that same choice never thought I'd have the option (they told me because they thought I had no choice and would grovel - except they forgot one thing. Rahul Mookerjee never "never" has any option even when he doesn't, hehe. And he doesnt do the G word except when counting it!) opened and HOW. 



ATTACK BACK x 10000 and then some.  

That doesnt mean life was smooth sailing from there on in. 

It took me a coupla months to resolve the situation - the actual doing. 

But had I not taken that on the spur of the moment decision - doing what came NATURALLY to me - UNDER PRESSURE - then I wouldn't be where I am NOW. 

True story, Jack. 

I've always been that way. 

The normal BORES me - and I'd rather EXCEL and do whats INTERESTING. 

And tough. And challenging. 

Dr Kolibal had it right all those years ago when he said "you dont need these MIckey Mouse classes! You need a CHALLENGE!" 

At the time I didnt fully understand what he meant. I took it as just praise and nothing else. 

But he was RIGHT. More than he knew. 

Anyway, not all of us are like that - but we dont necessarily have to. 

But fitness wise, think about this - if you're put on the spot - if you have to sprint to save your life - CAN you do it? 

If you were asked to climb up a building to rescue someone you like - CAN you do it? (or climb down)

If you were asked to buddy carry a buddy, or a member of your family up a hill a while - CAN you do it? 

The answer most so called booby building "men" give me on this one is an angry "how dare you". 


But if the answer is no, and it is - well - work on building up my friend. 

It's daily PRACTICE, either consciously or not that builds one up to the point you take QUICK decisions on the spot, and BACK THEM - and do NOT change them. 

It takes gut to listen to your GUT. 

Thats how 0 Excuses Fitness was "born"! I could have well continued on this site ... (so it certainly was NOT born out of "necessity" of any kind). 

(neither is any of the stuff I do. I could well choose to be a highly paid dancing monkey in China - but I dont want it!) 

But really, fitness wise, same thing. 

PRACTICE, my friend is what will make your perfect, and damn near perfect if not perfect - and enable you to become that "khota sikka" we all love, hehe. 

And on that sage note, I'm out. BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If you guys can find a dubbed version of Emraan Hashmi's 2008 blockbuster "Jannat" (Heaven in English) - well worht a watch. You'll get what my wife meant. Curiously enough that was one of the dates I tried to grope her, I believe. Hehe.