Friday, 25 December 2020 19:42

Why “getting that weight off thy chest” can be both profitable and HEALTHY

Or healthy and profitable, I should say ... (and no, I ain't talking about the idiotic bench press, though YES, getting that dumb weight off thy chest and moving on to productive exercises WILL benefit you, but you know this already!)

Back in 1999, I was having a bit of a smoke out with an Italian buddy of mine in college.

We were in “Elam Arms”. Fourth floor I believe. And smoking was prohibited, as was drinking beer, so naturally the first thing we and most other college going dudes (not sure about the gals tho) would do would be to ... well, smoke and drink.

Yours truly has never really been a Marlboro man.

He has plenty of hair on his chest from working out and drinking a lot of beer, but smoking? I dont know – I smoked heavily for years, but it never really “made me happy” or whatever it is a good beer does me. Not dopamine, I know that much. How could it. LOL.

Lots of people tried to get me on weed etc.

Just didnt work.

Anyway, my buddy and I were there, after having lugged the cases of beer up four flights of stairs we needed a break.

“Take the weight off your legs, Rahul” he said.  

(Maybe he said "load". I'm not sure, hehe)

And now, despite this being about taking weight off your CHEST, lets start with the legs.

Some of the best upper body exercises are done when you take the weight off your legs.

Handstand pushups, pull-ups, and more.

Yet others when you KEEP the weight on your legs.

Pushups again! Really – pushups work the entire body in a way nothing else can.

But the main thing is the FEELNG these workouts give you. The “top of the morning” sort of feeling that LASTS all day.

And the feel good “cartharis” feeling (however you spell the word).

I dont know about you, my friend.

But EVERY Time I’m feeling down – or slightly lethargic – or not quite “all is well with the world”, I go to my ONE AND ONLY fall back option.

(well, other than mental tricks).


I’ll climb that hill. My favorite exercise by far, and there are many!

If I dont have time – I’ll knock out a quick set of pull-ups or handstand pushups.

Or, and another favorite – Hindu squats.

Not only do these exercises get the heart pumping and blood ROARING and lungs BURNING within a very short span of time – they also make you feel like “all problems cease to exist”. 

You feel calm, relaxed, on top of the world, and like a tiger ready to hunt it’s prey down, or take it on face to face if need be!

Truly a “weight off your chest” eh.

And HERE is the real nub of all this, and where I’m leading up to with all this.

Making MONEY is the same.

MOST, if not all of my “grand slam” emails for one have come about by the simple matter of getting a massive weight off my chest, or mind.


I said it!

And this might come across as anathema to the nuts who claim “you just say just do it”, and don’t give us any instructions.

Well, my dear friends (those in that category) your shining and glaring lack of MARKETING knowledge shows through in that statement, as well as your assumption that “the entire world needs to be given to you for free”.


It doesn’t (and even when it is, you dont value it anyway).

So, three lessons in today’s email – see if you can spot ‘em! The last is admittedly a bit hard to spot, but you’ll get there if you try.

As you will your fitness goals if you keep at it with the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Grab it now.

NO goal shall be impossible once you’re ON it!


Rahul Mookerjee

(PS – Would you believe it, but one of the emails that pulled in a ton of money the FIRST day I wrote it – and I wasn’t even expecting sales from it – was titled nothing other than “Bulldog Tenacity”. Do a search on the blog an dyou’ll find it, but thats truly the nature of this BEAST, my friend. More on this on my coaching calls – and if you’re so inclined, apply for one on one coaching right HERE, and we’ll see what we can cook up for YOU.)

(PS #2 – But I’m not cheap. I know!)