Wednesday, 23 December 2020 16:26

Why I rarely, if ever build WEBSITES for anyone any more.

That was one of the things yours truly did “back in the day” .... but I must admit that with a few exceptions – I was roundly DISAPPOINTED by the attitude of most of the people I worked for.

Perhaps I just didnt attract the right lot back then in terms of web development or what not (but then again given the “ESL teacher” standard of most of the nutzos running around in mainland China claming to all be businessmen and “waiting for their next thang or opportunity” - - in other words, BOTTOM of the friggin barrel – it doesnt surprise me one damn bit).

Dont get me wrong. There are SOME genuine people there.

Some REAL business people. In fact, I know more than a few.

But those are usually the lot that showed up when I first did i..e in the early 2000’s or BEFORE.

The REAL expats.

As opposed to the “running around from pillar to post looking for the next ESL gig” expat these days (post 2010 or so actually).

Nothing wrong with ESL for whoever wants to do it (though I cannot think of one good reason why one would want to be a dancing monkey, but whatever. You won’t hear a PEEP out of me in that regard, but no, sorry, I ain’t gonna change my opinion either on it) - - because it’s TRUE. And you know it. 

But anyway ...


So, let me give you an example of why I don’t (in general – I make exceptions every so often) do this sort of work no mo.

Guy contacts me out of the blue. Bitches up a storm about what I charge, and finally pays after months.

As soon as he pays I gently remind him that all payment charges, bank fees etc are HIS responsibility, not mine (apparently since the obvious didnt get through).

After that, he complains up a storm about “having to do everything himself’ once the job is DONE.

Which was pretty much per the deal I have with all people.

I’ll build the damn thing, and giv eyou the tools you need to admin it, bro. After that I’ll help occasionally with tutorials etc ... but other than that, anything extra costs.

Guy doesnt get that.

Complains up a storm. Wastes so much time (or I should I waste so much time explaining the obvious to him) that I could have built a new site in that time and gotten paid twice over.

He doesnt listen. Keeps complaining about the ONE TIME payment he made. Despite the deal and everything being crystal clear at the outset, he complains about “layers upon layers of deals” and that “I’m a vampire” for charging the prices I do.

OK. Maybe I’m a vampire.

But I am nothing if not scruplously FAIR when it comes to this sort of biz bro. And customers that contact me personally for books etc here know this better than most people!

He delays payment every time it’s due. Websites are like you renting an apartment. Either you pony up the monthly cost (or pay a year in advance) or you DON’T. It’s that simple.

Same thing for the domain which are paid in advance annually.

Thats just how it works.

I usually send reminders to all my clients (though honestly I’ve jettisoned most of the web guys, as they were not worth my time) TWICE.

Once a month before the service is due, and once two weeks before it’s due.

I dont need to do this. 

It’s THEIR Responsiblity to stay up to date on payments, much like it’s mine to stay up to date and pay rent on TIME.

A lot don’t.

This latest “vampire” guy contact me through his brother SIX (more than) months after the damn thing (his site) was overdue, and this despite me sending him messages pre-renewal date, and despite him knowing fully well that once it;s gone its gone, he still emails me about “I want to renew the site”. 


Maybe he wants to re-do it I thought. Let’s give him another chance.

My gut said NO.

I did it anyway. Explained it via email.

And presto, and as I thought, elder bro’s message pops up on WeShat saying that “my bro emailed yo”, and then nothing.

Letting it hang.

Waiting for ME to say something. Because he knows fully well he’s going to have to pony up or else.

I mean, dude, REALLY.

Call me a vampire, sure.

But would you expect to NOT pay rent for six months and more, and expect the landlord to keep your stuff, keep the apartment vacant for your delinquent ass (in terms of payments) and let you have th eKEYS as well?

I think in my world, not.

And unfortunately, the vast majority of people out there, at least those I’ve met seem to think a website is something that you can turn on and off like a boundless stream of water from a free switch.

Not how it works, pally.

Now, I’ve had some great clients from China. Don’t get me wrong.

A famous Canadian model for one who I still stay in touch with.

A school in Shenzhen I once built a site for, and they didnt renew post year #3 I believe, but at least they didnt go loco on me a like a few others nutzos did.

And more.

And the latest is a lady who wants a site built.

I told her to give me specs etc, and that I’d quote her.

A little voice said she wasn’t the paying sort.

And I was right. Never heard back from her either.

And thats perfectly fine as well.

And thats why I keep my prices on the HIGH side in terms of web development as well when I DO do it, which isn’t often at all these days .. 

Fitness wise?

Same thing. So I can weed out the annoyances and lookie lou’s for one.

Some still manange to get through though, as I’ve written about before.

Ah well.

Such is life, my friend. 

Anyway, enough on “life” for now. Yours truly el vampiro is a blood sucking fitness vampire for sure, and right now, fangs bared, I’m directing YOU to the best dammned fitness system ever – for you humans, hehe – the 0 Excuses Fitness System . 

Keep the garlic away! ;-

Oh, and (edit) - this guy complained about my services numerous times (mostly all because getting any cash out of him for services rendered is like attempting to squeeze blood out of a ROCK ) and told me up and down that "he's using someone else who is far cheaper". 

He said this many times. 

And yet, hes back at yours truly's virtual doorstep ... 

Says a lot eh. 



Rahul Mookerjee

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PS #2 – Apparently I was called a vampire because the client wanted to use my credit card to book a ticket back home, and I quoted him the exact amount plus currency conversion charges, and I did NOT , I repeat NOT charge him for my time.

That wasn’t good enough for this shclub tho. Apparently he thinks I owe him my credit card.

Ah hell. It’s one of those days, hehe.