Friday, 18 December 2020 08:04


This morning, I chanced upon the news.

Which I do NOT read.

I repeat, I do not read most of the garbage out there thats put out for news. Denzel was right in Training Day about it being 90% B.S., and people reading it for entertainment, but yours truly caveman has other things he does for entertainement.

Like writing these typo ridden emails to YOU on this list.

OR talking about something MEANINGFUL.

Or, writing books. And usually very unconventional ones!

Dr Bisland, a great professor of mine for “databases class” if I remember right had this to say once about an instance when the grader literally TORE me apart on an exam.

Now, getting D’s and F’s was nothing out of the ordinary for yours truly.

Including a summer where I believe a friend of mine did nothing but drin kbeer all semester, and ended up with three D’s and a F, and yours truly made A’s that summer, but made up for it with an F the next time around (although to be FAIR, that was more Dr. Burgess going hard on me, hehe, I didnt really deserve that F. Well, maybe if you were to follow the letter of the law – but I digress!).

(I went rough on Burgess too tho with the "Brit" jokes, so even stevens, and NO hard feelings now, hehe. I'd shake his hand if I met him today!) 

Anyway, I took the paper back to the good Prof for re-grading.

And upon looking at it (it was a question related to relational databases) - - well - - the prof “hmme’d” and laughed.

“You have an unconventional way of doing things”, he went. But hey. If it works, is what he said, while reversing the negative points.

“Thats why I wanted to bring it back to you”, I said.

He shrugged. 

By all means son, if it works – then you get the grade! (he didnt say that, but that was his import).

I still stay in touch with him!

One of the BEST profs ever, despite the INANE rants about him being “racist” and so forth, while the real racists sometimes got a free pass ...

Anyway, where was I.


Saikar Majumadar, an author I HAVE NOT heard from ADAM until today, popped upon on some news today.

I ignored it initially.

But something told me to go check i tout, and I did.

Guy is a Bengali. Hehe.

Just like yours truly (perhaps thats why I love the Bengal TIGER so much, heh) – but yours truly never really grew up in Calcutta other than a few visits.

(And yes, I said Calcutta. I did NOT say Kolkata. Some things should be left as they are, much like I’m against renamining military bases etc with “confederate” sounding names or what not – history is history, and thats the bottom line, folks!)

But anyway, it’s funny. I still remember an instance in Hong Kong where a guy just walked up to me and started speaking a language I had NOT IN YEARS – Bengali!

God knows how he knew, hehe, or Goddess perhaps since a “Goddess” seems to be the reigning deity in that part of the land!

But anyway ........ this dude has written some unconventional books apparently.

And on topics which in conventional India, which back int he day was the MOST OPEN society ever (and YES, they DID EAT BEEF AND PORK in ancient India – it’s the modern day Modi inspired religious BS that has put all that to paid and more) are best left undiscussed 

Homosexuality. Class barriers. And such.

All taboos topics apparently.

I write about them!

Yes. Thats another one of those businesses I do, but hey.

Yours truly has ALWAYS BEEN called out for being unconventional.

“Why can’t you do what everyone does” , goes the chant.

For ANYTHING. Life. Work. Business.

And fitness!

I go by GUT, and gut often seems miraculous and unconventional and it IS, and guess WHAT. It ain’t changing!

My fitness books are some of the most unconventional ones you’ll ever see, with workouts that would make most strongmen puke within the minute or couple.


My TECHNIQUES of doing things (specifically how I teach th ehandstand pushup) is UNCONVENTIONAL to a T!

Everything about me is.

But does it WORK?

And BETTER than the rest of the junk out there?

Well – you be the judge, my friend!

Unconvetional should be embraced, my friend.

And truth be told, if all of us paid heed to intuition and less on “logic”, then the world would be a far better place TODAY!

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of the pushups in Pushup Central are the most unique and unconventional ever. Check ‘em out NOW!

PS #2 - I still remember Vincent telling me once "your not like most people from India!"

And in terms of Bengalis, we're (and truth be told, sometimes I wonder if I have INdian roots at all, hehe) SUPPOSED to be intellectuals, and great poets and that but NOT physical, hehe. Perhaps that explains my up bringing and Mom's "he thinks he's so strong" jibes. Hehe.

And how did it turn out on BOTH fronts?

Well, you be the judge - and read what Gautam, a customer from INDIA no less had to say right HERE !