Monday, 07 December 2020 14:41

Why hope is not a PLAN of ACTION

I was talking to Joy, a “dating coach” today and we were discussing COVID, the plague (and how it’s no longer present in China etc), and so forth.

Just basically saying “hi” (as far as yours truly was concerned).

And as far as her, she was basically saying “I hope we can get back to traveling the world” (we being anyone in general).

“I hope so, Joy”, I said.

Immediately followed up by a lengthy explanation of facts, and why I didnt think it would happen anywhere in the world anytime soon.

(Sure, most countries are open for travel internally, but the hassle you go through with masks etc, and the moronic comments made towards those of us (yours truly for one) who refuse to buy into the “mask or else” moronic scare and so forth make one (again yours truly) that it’s best to stay put in the country one’s AT right NOW).

(And internationally pretty much nothing and nowhere is oopen anyway).

That was a time I used the word “hope”.

But my immediate explanation thereafter belied the fact that I’m not much of a one that relies upon “hope”.

It springs eternal, sure.

But I’d rather TRUE hope – which comes from the subconcsious, and works. 

Every time in the past I’ve talked about an exceptionally difficult and seemingly impossible situation I’ve faced (and surpassed) – I hear the following.

Or a variant of it.

“I hope you’ll get out of it”.

“I hope it doesnt happen again”.

And so forth. 

And while this sort of thing used to irritate me, it positively annoys the heck out of me now .

Hope, my friend is NOT a plan of action, and the very word tome invokes a sense of “it’s too difficult, and it might not happen{“.

I’d rather be the guy that tells the other person (or I’d rather hear this, either from someone else or said to myself) – “It will pass”.

“Or, the darkest hour is often and always before the dawn”.

Or just a simple “Snap out of it, bro! Go GET ‘em!”

and so forth.

Note how the last three involve a tangible something as opposed to the vagaries of hope!

Mercy be on the person who “casts his life’s ship” upon the waters of Hope, because he may or may not get to his destination – probably won’t!

Other hand, a strong willed person that takes the oars of his life and says I WILL get it, no matter what – or no matter what it takes – or no mater how long?

Well, THAT is my man – or woman – or in between – right there!

Fitness wise, don’t be the guy that says “I hope I’ll be able to do pull-ups someday”.

You’ve got the course.

Now, You better KNOW you CAN and WILL do it!

IF you start out with nothing but hope that ship done sank before sailing.

But if you mix positive intent, an iron WILL, and most of all persistence, gumption and a never say die spirit – then guess what.

You will be doing them – and then some – and better than what you thought you could, or how!

Thats the lesson for today, my friend. Take it or leave it – choice is up to you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is where you can pick up your copy of an exercise most “hope” to be able to do, but few ever make up their mind to go the hard yards, the whole humpty, and DO IT. Those that do tho – watch out – and read their testimonials – and you’ll know what I mean!

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As the man said, a master piece of a book if there ever was one!