Tuesday, 04 March 2014 05:12

Keep the fire burning within!

Well, that's another long break from writing to you for sure. I think my last note to you was on New Year's Eve, and funnily enough, I just haven't had the time to post after that. Maybe it was my New Year's resolution of starting new businesses that started to work for me, or perhaps I just got too busy dealing with other stuff, but either way (and again,funnily enough), here I am in China, writing to you right after the Chinese New Year holidays.

Strange how that works, huh - I found no time to write to you after the "English" New Year, but I seem to be getting time to do so after the Chinese New Year? Is that a harbinger of even better tidings to come?

Well, I don't know, to be honest, but what I do know is that I've been busier than a bee trying to build several honeycombs at once. I've been dabbling in a new business I might start shortly, and I've also been doing lots and lots of writing, again for different business which I've already started. So, lots of things going on for sure - and all throughout, I've been climbing my favorite hill here in China on a daily basis.

(Note: There's always time to exercise for those that really want to!)

Anyway, so I saw this little building being built today in the park my hill is in, and thought I'd look closer to get a better look. Turned out they are (or were, at some point) building a small building where folks could barbeque food, cook their own meats etc while relaxing by the side of the lake, perhaps with a beverage of choice.

Ok, that's MY style of relaxation - but the combination of the hill and this potential bar-b-que spot instantly got me thinking about the furnace INSIDE of us - which everyone should have, but doesn't.

Furnace inside of us? And "keeping the fire burning"?

Do I mean keeping the "desire alive", which is what "keeping the fire burning" commonly alludes to? Well, there's nothing wrong with keeping the desire alive for what one likes, but I'm referring to something else.

I'm referring to the FAT burning furnace inside of you that lights up the fire cells like fireworks, and pops each one of them right OUT of your system. The furnace that is key to dissolving the layers of pesky chub that bulge out over that abdomen. The bar-be-que inside of you that is instrumental in roasting off the blubber hanging off your backside. And so forth.

Effective fat burning can often be compared to a successful outdoor BBQ. Think about it - how do we get a good BBQ going? It takes a large flame to kick start the process, but that flame usually dies down to a steady, but intense heat that keeps the coals red, and cooks your food from the inside out. And far burning, my friend, works much the same way.

In other ways, you kickstart your metabolism - and keep it at a level slightly below what it was during the peak part of your kickstarting.

So, those long, boring runs won't do it in terms of shedding fat quickly - - And neither will lifting weights all day in the gym do it. In fact, large and clumsy muscles can actually sometimes worsen your entire look if your overweight to begin with.And while walking is a great overall exercise, and does burn calories, it alone won't give you the intense fat burning effect that overweight people need.

But take an exercise - - any exercise - - that cranks your heart rate up to the MAXIMUM level it can go (depending upon your current conditioning levels), and then either keeps it there (not possible for very long periods) or "dies" down to to a slow and steady pounding, and you have the perfect recipe for building muscle and burning off fat - - both at the same time, while also getting your heart and lungs in the very best shape of your life.

Climbing hills fits the bill for sure, but for those of you that don't have hills nearby, here are some more options to roast your inner lard right off your frame: -

- Stair climbs/sprints (almost as good as climbing hills)

- Pushups done in sets; a great lung buster

- Jumping rope at the right cadence

And many, many more - - all exercises that I've included in Fast and Furious Fitness: -  http://rahulmookerjee.com/index.php/articles/83-fast-and-furious-fitness-the-book - - grab your copy right NOW if you haven't already.

Once you've got your hill climb in, or done a few hard sets of pushups, or whatever, really, that BBQ is going to taste so much better once you get to it. And if you don't believe what I have to say - - well, all I'm going to say is this - - TRY IT - - an intense workout always works up a far better appetite than slow, "grind me down" exercise that actually ends up harming you more than you think it benefits you.

So that's the tip of the day, as well as interesting way to think about burning fat!

Very Best,


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