Sunday, 16 January 2022 09:12

The perfect "T inducing, fever banishing" - workout!

I've been writing about how I've been a bit sick - well, more than a bit - over the past few days. 

And how I didnt let it stop my training - even for one day. 

Maybe I went light yesterday - I did (50 pushups is super light for "Mr Ironman that routinely kills it"). 

(still too much for a lot of you reading this, I know!) ... but I did SOMETHING. 

That thing about committment, that thing about ... ACCOUNTABILITY, if just to myself. 

I long ago made a promise to myself that come rain, hell, high water or shine, I'd train everyday, if even for a second or so. 

If all I could do was isometrics, I'd do it. 

If all I could do due to health or some other issue was a gentle walk - I'd do it. 

And so I did yesterday, 50 pushups. That was IT. 

The fever and chills returned at night. 

They may or may not again tonight, I dont know. 

What I Do know is this I've been working all morning, yet, workouts were at the top, forefront, and back of my mind. 

I gotta do some pushups, the thought kept popping into my head!

As I was laying the foundation for other big - nay, HUGE things to happen - I'll keep y'all posted when they do, I did 2 pushups. 

Thats all. 

But the shoulders are still sore and hurting like someone took a hammer to them. 

So I thought. 

I walked over to the chinning bar, thought I'd do a dead hang and thats that. 

No big deal, eh. 

I pumped out 5 pull-ups before I knew it!

And from that point on, it was GO - until now. 

Now, 300 Hindu squats and 50 pull-ups might seem undoable to a lot of you. 

And for me, it's not a lot actually to be honest. 

But it's still a workout, even if you do the squats like I did in sets of 100 insead of 150 as I normally would have, and the pushups in sets of 5 evenly, instead of 3, 7, 8 and so forth. 

And it's the perfect T boosting workout. 

I figured I need all the T I can get to get rid of this nasty crap virus for one. 

And two of the exercises that get the lungs pumping, muscles working, and T ZOOMING through your whole body - well, pull-ups and squats. 


There's other great ones, of cours,e including handstand pushups, but nothing quite beats the squat/pull-up combo, and those that have done it will attest to the sheer efficacy and lung buster and feel good nature of these workouts. 

Now, the exercise that REALLY gets t pumping - and everything going - and builds muscle like there's no tomorrow, fries fat off your body like nothing else out there? 

I wish I could have done it today!

But I'm not qute THAT crazy - as yet. Hehe. 

Time's young though!

But sprints, my friend, the way I described in Advanced Hill Training take the above effect - and AMP it up by a factor like 10 or more. 

And if I had to choose ONE exercise - but you gotta do it right, and most folks don't - that really burns fat and builds muscle like there's no tomorrow, it's this one. 

Get the course above, and get cranking on them NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee