Thursday, 20 April 2023 05:21

Her spice had me GASPING for breath!

Man, her spices literally had me gasping for breath. 

No, I dont mean the erotica business either - although the title might seem like I got it from there, I did NOT! 

I've written about this twice already in different "tongues" if that makes sense - so interesting was an experience that should have been random, the norm - but it never is - is it? Things happen for a reason. They happen at a time too "in due time" as Nym told me .. I wont get into who she is here, suffice it to say she has a voice of GOLD - MY! 

Dripping with honey and vibes - anyway, all of this meshes together, blends together so well with what I'm about to say, lots of pun ALL intended! 

I ordered some spices a while back from Amazon with the intention of stocking up - after the wife's constant harangues, hehe (to an extent warranted) about me "ignoring the kitchen and what is required to cook well" (she says I can get by without too much good cooking, but that doesn't mean everyone can - despite me being a foodie, hehe - but she's right) ... and I did so from a normal seller on Amazon. 

The spices arrived, something stood out - I'm not sure what, but once I saw the QR code of course I had to download the app - which did not seem to be there. OK, all good so I went to her website, and instantly something stood out - like our sites, very well done, very business like - NOT what I see from most people, especially in this here neck of the woods, in fact it's a pity - many people have outstanding products, but their sites aren't set up to SELL - they're set up to look fancy and all that crap, but not plain ole "work" in terms of selling. 

Nita Mehta, youve got it spot on.

Now she's a famous chef - I had no inkling of this since I dont watch Tee Vee, but the wife told me when I asked - but even if she wasn't - the VIBE she projects made me add products to cart (although I normally buy it all from Amazon, I'm going to buy from HER now - some things, at least). 

She's been around for 20 years which tells you how much of a cave I live in (though the news that matters comes to me). 

Anyway, last night the spice was added to the food - in LESSER quantities than normal (new spice, so the wife was cautious - I have not yet posted it on Youtube, I will soon) ... And MAN! 

I was literally gasping for breath, tongue on fire, this a guy who can drink bottles of Tabasco damn near!

As I told Bruce back in the day and he later agreed "INDIAN food is the spiciest!" 

I have to eat some of our sweets, I gasped at the wife (I was leaving them all for the wife and daughter, they love 'em more) ... 

(and she yells I eat ;em all, hehe, so ...) 

... "wait a minute, what happened", wife said, alarmed. 

I told her. 

She proposed I eat curd - but that was too cold! Hehe. She then proposed I eat "laddoos" (Indian sweets) - which I did anyway - but then I asked her to find the best solution and she poured some clarified butter on the food, and voila - that solved it. 

Not only did it solve the issue, but the uniqueness of the spice and the taste came through - MY! 

And hence the review ... and hence why I wrote to Nita later about it. 

Anyway, spice is the variety of LIFE and many other things like I keep saying on the other biz. 

And Nita - you've got it! 

I was going to leave her a review on Amazon, thought better of it, emailed her directly, and somehow I did not expect a response, but I got one - and then (per request) I left a review on Amazon too for her! Hehe. 

Three times lucky, not sure ... but anyway, she knows nothing about Dish Delicious. Hey, she's written plenty more cookbooks than I have! Haha. 

But that book has gotten some great reviews too ... culinary afficiandos MUST grab it! 

Last but not least, as I sit here with a burning posterior - Glyn would understand, hehe - though I didnt pour bleach down it to kill covid (ugh, what a fool that guy is) .... I gotta write this to you! 


If just to explain to you why you should leave reviews, and leave PERSONAL ONES AT THAT!  (and we're getting plenty of great ones on Amazon, now the next step - leave them HERE too! via the link you get in the email when you buy a product from us) 

The personal nature of this caused even me to be shy about leaving a review the first time - I should have done so initially! 

And that personal nature of my tales, stories everything is really what hits home for my customers, friends, everyone I communicate with - "friends for life" as it were. 

Get you some NOW, my friend. 

And thats that! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I culled more folks off the list - if you're a "do nothing", chances are YOU were, or will be soon culled off the list too. Nothing personal, friend, we only want doers on it ... thats all. 

PS #2 - The only other time I can remember this feeling, age of 20, then girlfriend calling "coop de Ville"s (they made GREaT chicken wings) saying "you made it too spicy, my boyfriend can't even eat it!" 

My own damn fault for asking them to make it extra hot, thats Cajun style hot which makes the ASS BURN too, hehe ... 

I think I ate most of the celery  that night, drank a ton of beer, the wings, I think they replaced 'em - lol. 

Lots of memories there including once when Papa Johns showed up, I was too drunk to answer the door, there went the order, I woke up to "your order has been canceled", hehe. It was college town - they understood. Happened with "Poops de ville" too, hehe. They replaced my order the next day - great guys!